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all-time highs. he is coming up later this hour. liz: higher crude push helped energy etfs hit new 52-week highs. erx, makes a three times bullish bet on oil. we flip it over to the iye. this is up 5%. this is up with one and change. 1 1/2%. top holdings include exxonmobil, chevron and schlumberger. dynamic energy exploration etf. pxe. top holdings, hess, valero and marathon oil. looking good. david: we're awaiting into us from amazon. they're about to report. we'll have the numbers, full analysis as soon as the numbers are released. brace yourself. we have a leading analyst who says this year oil could rise to record levels, forget about that jump back in 2008. he says we haven't seen the numbers coming up for 150 years. find out why. liz: okay. corning's gorilla glass, we've shown it to you. it is pretty strong as i got to see first-hand at this year's consumer electronics show. we put it to the test but the strong glass is bringing in very unbelieveable sales. i tried to break it. i was jumping all over that thing. david: you had rubber souls. i want to see that in high heels. >> d
this morning and you'll see energy prices down about 30 cents. and at this point, the ten-year is yield iing -- trouble role, please. we're frozen at this point. yielding 1.972%. the euro yet was at a 14-month high versus the dollar. and you can see right now, the dollar is stronger against the eu euro. gold prices are down by about 6.30, $1675.30 an ounce. right now, let's get to the global markets report. ross westgate is standing by in london. good morning. we haven't seen you in quite a while. you have a lot of red behind you this morning. >> we have, indeed, becky. i saw andrew more recently than i've seen you over there in davos. yeah, look, we are down. you can see decleaners outpacing the decliners. we're down at the session low. down around .0. the spanish market down 1.5%. that's down to bank stocks. they're all off heavily because of santander. santander is europe's largest lender in the eurozone. stock off 2.3% today. there's 2012 net profit more than halved hurt by big losses in real estate, write-downs and property assets. also key growth spots as latin america down, as well. t
power in pittsburgh could provide energy to 6,000 homes. energy generated at the plant will be sold to bgand e. and they say 33% of the energy must come from renewable energy by 2020. they will discuss the facility at the february 26th meeting. >>> well, making room in the winner circle. what the giants players are saying. >> the missing american women in turkey who is detained for questioning. >> this is the super bowl sunday. pretty quiet out there. probably going to stay the same as we get closer to the big game. premium ticket for a 1967 super bowl? twelve dollars. averaging about 1200. >> $12 would be nice. >> quite different. tomb now is 74 #. you are watching "mornings on 2". time now is is 7:42. you are watching "mornings on 2". hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. . >>>
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. all of the young guys have brought a new energy back to. football. so many first and second year quarterbacks come in. a new brand of football and i'm excited to win the game. >> five seconds each. who wins tomorrow. in. >> baltimore. i think they stop the right option. >> dhani? >> battle mar. ray lewis mvp. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. thanks. a lot of fun. >> thanks, geraldo. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: the ray lieu you which is deal is not the only controversy affecting the baltimore ravens. why wasn't this cheer leader are allowed to accompany the team to new orleans. back in a flash with that one. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. wow. these are really good. you act surprised. aah! aah! pr
brought a new energy back to. football. so many first and second year quarterbacks come in. a new brand of football and i'm excited to win the game. >> five seconds each. who wins tomorrow. in. >> baltimore. i think they stop the right option. >> dhani? >> battle mar. ray lewis mvp. >> thank you both. i appreciate it. thanks. a lot of fun. >> thanks, geraldo. >> thank you so much. >> geraldo: the ray lieu you which is deal is not the only controversy affecting the baltimore ravens. why wasn't this cheer leader are allowed to accompany the team to new orleans. back in a flash with that one. >> geraldo: she 1 gorgeous. one of the cheerleaders for the super bowl favorite baltimore ravens but guess what, 2-year-old courtney lenz did not receive an invitation to what would have been the biggest game of her life. why didn't the ravens invite her? was it because of courtney's weight. she joins us from her hometown of baltimore. thanks for being with us. what happened? why weren't you invited? >> when i got the e-mail last week i thought it was a mistake. i'm a five year veteran. i thought for
and to some extent, you. the u.s. department of energy twitter and the new york times, also the wall street journal. joining us with more on the cyber attacks and how to stop them is brian gunther. he is a partner with digital industry. that is an it firm in silver spring maryland right here at home. good morning. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you, allison. >> i made a point saying your company is right here at home. this thing though is worldwide. and that is indeed the threat to the computer. great thing and also be a gateway to bad things. >> absolute absolutely. the internet is a resource to access just about anything in the world. however, we also provided gateway for the bad guys to come to us. >> does your business busy itself with these cases or do you come to the aid of companies? >> we are an information technology firm. digital industry. and our objective is to help businesses with their technology and help them work better. we have absolutely been asked to come in and assess security situations and referred to as hardening an infrastructure or technology for a company f
pads, and, you know, technology devices. not in things like education and energy and that's the only sign of inflation. but to joe's point, i think the fed can back off on what they've said if in fact we've seen them pull back. they can walk away from the 6.5% unemployment target and wind down quantitative easing in a much more rapid pace. i think that's a step in the right direction, so it doesn't have to be a train wreck. this could be a gradual pullback of easing where interest rates start going up in the first part of 2014. >> we've been talking about pulling this band aid off for so long. carl, it's like housing, though. schiller wrote a piece in the journal, they said it lasted five years. that was painful. but boy, when it reversed, it was more painful than that time with which you're waiting for it to happen. >> joe, art, thanks, guys. good stuff. >> thank you. >> trading debut here at the nyse today. becoming the largest ipo from a u.s. company since facebook. shares of zoetis is trading at $26 apiece. it's the only way to play it in a pure way, because the other animal medicine
has done a lot of investment with the green energy renewables. he hasn't really talked about it. that's a problem not just about rhetoric, helping the american people understand why this is important and why we need political action on this. >> give me an example of the fear mongering you referred to. >> well, the house republicans, you know, the classic global warming is a hoax. it will destroy the economy if we try to do anything on carbon tax, put any kind of price own electricity for fossil fuels, the whole, the entire u.s. economy is dependent upon cheap gas. if we change anything in that equation, everything will fall apart. there is a clear rhetoric that goes back for decades. the power industry is very good at saying if you raise the price of electricity and force us to put scrubbers on coal plants, we can't guarantee the viability of the plants and the investment is so huge people won't be able to afford to heat their homes. there is a lot of rhetoric any time you want to mess with the status quo. >> jeff, why do you think he will need to rally popular support on this? why do
. >> thank you. >>> another piece of news. chesapeake energy co-founder and ceo aubrey mcclendon will be stepping down in april. the move caps off a tumultuous year for the second largest natural gas producer. last spring a series of reports triggered civil and criminal investigations. regulators in chesapeake's board are looking into mcclendon crossed the line by mixing personal and company business and possible trauflt violatiant violations. shareholders stripped him of the chairman's title. the stock is moving higher on the news. actually, a lot higher. 10% higher. and kay kelly will have more details later. i should note, there was a report in reuters this morning that -- in terms of the compensation he's going to get out the door, it may be that the company doesn't owe him money but that he owes the company money. >> interesting. you never want to see a headline like this. when you're a ceo and lead -- "chesapeake shares soar as chief quits." >> it is up 10%. only $2 on a $20 stock. >> the strange part, he was the ghie made the company. there is a flip side to all of
technologies to bring us energy. we have more natural gas than saudi arabia has oil. so there's some changes. people are coming back here because it's cheaper to do business in america. i think what's more important is the average american. the average american, if we're sitting and waiting for th government to come up with the answer for us, the president to come up with a vision, you'll have a problem. if you've been on unemployment for 12 million americans, those jobs probably aren't coming back. it's time to retool and say where is the next opportunity, is it in health care, is it in green. where am i going to get the skills. the government is going to step up and say here's a pathway. you've got to find it yourself. >> how morally responsible should big, successful companies, we've seen starbucks do this, apple dip its toe in the water. >> you talked about that the last time i was on. >> apple has since then done so. it was a start. but it's about the principle, really, of great american companies in the tech world. they lead the world. but a lot of the stuff's outsourced outside of ame
enormous amounts of energy that has to be harnessed and focused. so i'm very fortunate and i'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life, whatever it is. >> the full interview, by the way, with the secretary of state, it will air here in "the situation room" in the next hour as well as the 6:00 p.m. eastern. she goes through a wide, wide range of issues, including national security issues and what about 2016? is she really interested in running for president again? the interview will be airing here in "the situation room." >>> as we saw earlier, the senate is voting on hillary clinton's replacement, the confirmation of john kerry. he will be confirmed and he will be the next secretary of state, the senator from massachusetts. we'll get you the role cal number as soon as it is finished. >>> the head of the rifle association and husband of gabrielle giffords will square off on gun control. >>> and stunning housing numbers and what it means for the u.s. economy. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of gri
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energy gotten from tar sands up in calendar. it's one of those moves that would send a clear message. >> one more decision we are going to continue down the fossil fuel road. >> uh-huh. >> rather than move to a new economy. daniel stone is a reporter for the national gee xwrafk. he is more than that. he sort of embodies the national gee gravelling spirit here on the full court press. this is one of the biggest challenges facing this country, facing the planet. no doubt about it. 866-55-press. let's talk about it on the bill press show. >> this is "the bill press show.." alright, in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. >> this
whatever her decision, she's healthy and has a lot of energy. her last day on the job is friday. >>> santa clara county will focus on healthcare and gun violence this year. board of supervisor's president ken yeager outlined his top priorities during his state of the county address. as far as the affordable healthcare act, he wants to tackle childhood obesity, h.i.v. and consolidating mental health and drug treatment into a behavioral health department. yeager hopes to create a gun byback program and -- buyback program and encourage convicted felons to turn in their firearms. >>> 70-year-old katherine kitty petten was killed monday night at a hampton in this littleton, new hampshire. she was in town to attend a trustee meeting for her alma mater. the attack appears to be random. the second faces second-degree murder charges. >>> 7:37. let's bring sal back. you are still following what's going on in livermore. >> that's right. we're gonna show you video of this fatal crash that occurred just after 6:00 this morning. a car burst into flames after being involved in a wreck. eastbound 580 at n
invest in things that are growing jobs, particularly energy. i'm just saying this should be a sign to those in politics, don't play with this. there's so many good things. there's a lot of corporate money overseas waiting to come back. profits are up. it's just waiting for that last one or two levers to be pushed. and hopefully we as a country and the congress can do it. >> we want to get kelly o'donnell in on the testimony. for that we go to the testimony that took place on capitol hill yesterday. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords who survived a mass shooting in arizona two years ago made an unexpected appearance before the senate judiciary committee, reading off a page of handwritten prepared remarks. she urged congress to act now on gun reform. >> too many children are dying. too many children. we must do something. it will be hard. but the time is now. you must act. be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. thank you. >> that says it all. giffords' husband, mark kelly, says expanding background checks for gun buyers should be a top priority, but the nra's chi
. the best thing we got going for us is that we are very good at extracting a form of energy in the middle part of the country that we don't like to -- that gives manufacturers a comparative -- >> i can't imagine that that's not going to be the thing -- all these other things. there's always something that offsets some of the negatives and i can't believe that's not going to be a powerful thing for us in the future. >> i think so, too. that's how we get to 2.5 demographics are going to be a drag. >> i'm being interested in your perspective. we're not talking about our clients about small businesses. a lot of bentup demand. we've been kind of sitting on our hands for four-plus years now, because of all the uncertainty, you know, in the environment there's still a lot of uncertainty. if we had positive leadership out of washington, and some of the uncertainty went away. don't you think there could be a mini boom here trying to replenish some of the inventories, equipment and technologies that have not been invested in? >> absolutely. that's the upside riz k to the forecast. >> we don't call
that fred. i think a lot of people in red just felt the energy having come off the atlanta game where they came from 17 down. i have toed admit i wasn't even nervous in the fourth quarter in the final moments when frank gore took it inside the 10-yard line. i figured this is it. the storybook ending but there were a lot of unwanted firsts in this game. but the 49ers make the great come back coming from 28-6 down. colin kaepernick going and they're within two points there. they didn't get the two point conversion and it comes down the that faithful play. kaepernick looking for his man in the end zone. crabtree could have been pass interference but as it turns out it was not and this game goes down to defeat. certainly the most heartbreaking defeat in 49er history. >>> didn't get it 5 yards short. all the work we do in the offseason. the whole entire season. you know everything comes down to five yards and we weren't able to get it done. so tip our hats to the ravens. congratulations to them. we're obviously very disappointed. >> i think that last drive when we got the ball and had time
, the stadium lights were turned off during that show so they were using even less energy in the stadium. the issue still being blamed on an energy surge from a substation outside of the stadium. >> bill: i just -- that's a lame excuse. >> i still can't believe that the power of the super bowl went out for over 30 minutes. that's incredible. >> hawaii has some sympathy for celebrities and is making a move for their privacy. the state is set to act on a bill that would prosecute paparazzi for invading celebrities personal privacy. it is dubbed the steven tyler act because the legislature recognizes that people like him come to vacation in the state and with that, come a lot of benefits for the state but they shouldn't be mobbed by prying eyes with telescoping lenses while they're just trying to avation in private. >> bill: i'm so glad to hear that. i think now i will go back to hawaii again. because it was such a pain in the neck last time. the paparazzi following me to the beach and the restaurants. all right, hawaii, thank you. i'll go back. neil abercrombie, good job. >> mcdonald's is
like he's on antler spray but crack. he has major energy. >> why is there antler spray? are deer insecure with their size. >> john: why not. you have spray for football. you have rhino horn for sex. and if they could use that. >> john: i don't think it's that huge of a scandal i'll get to that to in a moment, but could people hate alex rodriguez more than they already do. he already admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs from 2001 to 2003. does he have any credibility left? >> why does he need credibility. he has millions of dollars. cheaters, they're not like us. they don't need to be liked. the rest of us need to be liked. that's why we're on facebook. >> i'm a cheater and i like to be liked. >> you get enough money you can buy whatever you need. >> yeah, i agree with you. i really--i mean, everything he does is just repulsive now. i'm not surprised he did that. >> john: dating madonna was a tipping point for some of us, of course. but let me talk about ray lewis and the deer antler spray. he wasn't doing it to cheat. he was doing it to recover faster. >> that's what bar
. the average spent last year was almost $3,000 according to the energy department. that's just under 4% of average incomes. and except for 2008 is the highest spent on gasoline in nearly three decades. >> how about a little good news? >> yeah. >> time for sports breakfast. and dave, could there be -- i don't know what that says. predictor for future superbowl champs. >> who is going to win the next superbowl. first of all, about the gas prices, i filled up my tank and i noticed it going up. >> we were at the junkies, they have a tv show that debuts tonight called table manners and they had a premiere last night. it's a good show. >> it's not a competing network. but if you were it's a pretty good show. >> i didn't get an invitation. >> you are always invited. the junkies love you . >> is that right? >> dave ross, he travels in style. that's all i'm going to say. >> came with two ladies on both arm. >> when i came, there were three. >> let's talk about the ravens. the philadelphia eagles are any indicator. they could be the key as to why and who would be the next superbowl champion. you
a lot of time and energy. a friend gave me a cooking class last year and since then, i think i've accomplished something i want to share. >> good. we look forward to it. >> meantime -- my hands are sweating, i'm not kidding you -- did i put on deodorant? it's all nerves right now. >> we have your back, as you can see. >> let's see if i have your tummy. most americans will be watching the big game sunday from their living room. believe it or not, there is still time to buy a really big big big willie style tv. we'll tell you where great deals are. i don't believe in big tvs? >> no. >> what do you have a 19-incher to watch the super bowl? terrible. >>> do you want to live like a star? if you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket. we'll check out celebrity homes for sale from ashton cukutcher barry bonds. >> i smelled brussel sprouts and that won me over immediately. i'm serious with that. weather will get better. it's time for counterfeit food. as the colder air starts to surge back in we are done with severe storms yesterday and last night. tomorrow, the wind ov
to be momentum and energy. >> while agreeing that immigration laws need to be fixed, virginia republican governor, bob mcdonald, told wtop that the president has been largely absent from the issue. >> i applaud them for getting together and getting something done. the president has done nothing but talk for four years about getting this done and offered nothing to move the ball down the road. >> but immigration analysts warn the political gains both parties are eyeing from pushing reform could also doom it if either side begins to see it as political costly. >> the republicans think they need to do immigration reform to try to get some hispanics back into the party, the democrats want to do it, too, because they promised immigration reform. >> the big unknown moving forward is how forces inside both parties will either speed up or slow down immigration reform. >> god bless the united states of america. >> and we are beginning now to get a handle on the time line on all of this. senate officials say they expect to have the president's proposal and a senate plan handwritten out into
the climate crisis and the emergent energy revolution because of the need to stop dumping all this global warming pollution into the atmosphere. >> let's start there because the fight against climate change is often a debate. and i'm going to read from "the future," your words. and you say this about oil and the media. "virtually every news and political commentary program on television is sponsored in part by oil, coal and gas companies -- not just during campaign seasons -- but all the time, year in and year out with messages designed to soothe and reassure the audience that everything is fine, the global environment is not threatened, and the carbon companies are working diligently to further develop renewable energy sources." a little bit of a ruse being played on our society overall? >> well, when you see all these ads for coal and oil, they're not designed to get you to say hey, i want to go down to the corner and buy some coal. >> right. >> they're designed to condition your political beliefs and to give you the impression that they've got our back. and look, they have -- there are
throughout the u.s. are considering a ban on energy drinks such as a-hour energy and red bull. a recent study found emergency room visits linked to such drinks doubled over the past four years. in 2011, the energy drink industry was valued at $8.9 billion. can i just say, anybody feel comfortable -- does anybody drink those thing? >> no. >> kids. >> have you guys ever drank red bull? i've known a few adults -- i know the "morning joe" staff does. >> it's not good for you. >> i've been worried about them. >> morning joe" staff has it on an i.v. drip. >> you ever do red bull? >> i've sampled it. >> i think heilmann has sampled everything at one point in time. >> it's kind of asked and answered. >> it's perfecty legal. >> it is perfectly legal. i would be concerned about my children. >> i think it's on the line, actually. >> yes, there's a lot of caffeine and sugar in that thing. that's all it is. >> and the kids line up at starbucks getting these really strong drinks, too. i think we're going to have a problem. i don't want to get you all mad at me. >> i mix it with vodka now and then. >> which
north as maine. so 150-mile-per-hour jet as well. remember, there was a lot of wind energy with this. usually the jet stream's about 100 miles per hour so, that was strong. also very strong at the surface, southerly winds, but 100 miles per hour. so the winds were there. there's the warmth and here's what happened. so miguel weather the warm and the cold, the clashing set off these severe storms and the snow. so record severe weather. >> and what's ahead? this weekend, next week? >> big-time change, finally back to a typical january, february pattern, no severe weather, but some snow, you can see it, chicago, cincy, toward the northeast, even washington will see some snow showers, maybe about an inch or so. there's where the winter advisories are, and there's the big picture for today. things pretty quiet other than that snow. >> thank you very much. >>> new revelations in the jonbenet ramsey murder case and they involve the parents of the child beauty queen. our legal guys will weigh in. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or t
all the energy. >> reporter: oh, yeah. about that beyonce, singing live as promised, she lit up the superdome with all her single ladies and the destiny's child reunion many were hoping for. ♪ on this night, beyonce left the national anthem to fellow diva alicia keys. ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: while jennifer hudson joined the choir from sandy hook elementary with emotional rendition of "america the beautiful." at the end of the night, though, it was the ravens who were the better team with older brother, john harbaugh, besting his younger brother, jim. >> it's never pretty. it's never perfect, but it is us. >> reporter: their parents celebrating a bittersweet victory and players soaking up a tough win in the big easy. >> amazing. phenomenal. listen to them! baltimore, we're champions! >> reporter: all right. the lights were out for about 34 minutes or so. here's the deal. no one panicked. no one got terribly upset. no one wanted to storm the field. everybody sat there relatively calm. i mean there was a really bad wave that tried to go around the studio. for the most
people to spend time and energy which right now they can throw clog up the works, if you will, without spending any time and energy and without being visible without making their case before their colleagues and the america people. all the american people see is the quorum call. >> bill: there was also the alternative path which would have been a not -- inviting republicans to join but if they didn't all you needed at this early -- these early days are the first day or whatever of the new session any new session of congress is 51 votes to change the rules, right? people call that -- that's according to the constitution. some people call it the nuclear option. i don't know why. what was wrong with that? >> well, tom udall has been very clear in helping carry this -- the leadership of this and talking about the constitutional option. and he would distinguish it from the nuclear option. i certainly agree with him. this is an action taken under the constitution. >> bill: right. >> it is absolutely appropriate to adjust your rules to make the senate function better. this is not being done i
. and it was not good for the ravens. it's like the ravens just lost all of their energy during that lights out, lost all of the steam and when they came back, the 49ers were pumped up and almost took it over, down to 34-31. here is, first of all, the last call of the game. this is by wbal yeah, you here the bal. this is the baltimore home team station, jerry sandusky. not that one. jerry sandusky making a different call. >> three seconds left, 2, get to the 40, fired. tackled. to the barn, the baltimore ravens are super bowl champions. woo. >> bill: that's his sidekick let's bust out the crab cakes. it's baltimore. i love that. the hey is in the barn. hello. >> yeah. >> at any rate, it was a big night for baltimore and that team really in the playoffs and in the post-season, the baltimore ravens were superb when the lights went out, nobody really new what was going on there for awhile. on cbs news, of course covered the enter bowl. it was their turn last night. it was up to sideline reporter steve tasker because the cbs announce booth was out of power. >> ye
that coming. >> the investigation at the superdome still ongoing. super energy user beyonce. >> who wrote that? >> i did. >> that's why you don't do scripts. >> i wrote that. >> beyonce was an early suspect in the power outage. >> please. >> she's off the hook. reports are she brought her own dpen rater at the -- generator at the halftime show. >> who doesn't. >> there was another blackout last night in the nba. utah jazz and sacramento kings saw the start of their game delayed monday after the lights dimmed and had to be reset at salt lake city's ironically named ener"energy solutions are" >> really? >> this time not 34 minutes, only a three minute delay. >> whatever. >> i think everyone will enjoy this, if you don't like making out with the kids in the room, have them step outside just a second. old milwaukee, will ferrel, you may have seen have teamed up for a long campaign together. the new super bowl ad you probably didn't see because it only aired in select markets. remember this one, this is a different ad that aired in last year's super bowl only in a small nebraska tv market. this yea
is 34 degrees cooler than it was. part of the up and down of the jet stream is the energy between the cold and the warm. it is 80 and the feels like temperature in key west, it feels like 806789 the feels like wind temperature in minot is a negative 34. that's 114 degrees difference across the continental u.s., wolf. >> even here in the nation's capital, washington, d.c., was in the 20s and got in the 50s and 60s. it's going up and down. what's happening here? >> if you are still in the warm air, if you walk outside anywhere in the east anywhere from new york city to down, it's warmer than it should be. then you're still in the danger zone for severe weather tonight. that warm air is going to be gone tomorrow. the cold air will push through the northeast and southeast and into florida and you'll be 10, 15, 20 degrees colder than you are right now and on average it's going to be a cold couple of days. it's going to warm back up and get cold again. this is an up and down swing that we haven't seen for a very long time. >> chad myers, thank you. >>> let's move to capitol hill right n
energy partners. good morning to both of you. joe, let's start with you. how do you think the market is going to set up today? we have the ford news, we also have eli lilly and then we got the fed later today. >> it's tough to say. >> he we have one other thing i think that's actually being watched closely today, too, andrew, that's consumer confidence which normally doesn't necessarily get a ton of attention. but i think that because of the expectation is that it's going to come in at a five-month low, many people have their eyes on that one, perhaps much more than they normally would. so i would look for that number, also. you know the fed does start today, but as we know on these two-day meetings, day one is just a lot of waiting and watching. so not a lot there. and the other major factor is obviously s&p 500 cash was just above 1500 last night. looks like it will open a little bit lower there. we saw the vix edging up over the last few days as we head into it. that's a number that makes a lot of people nervous. wouldn't surprise me again if we saw the market take another breathe
. the electrical feeders that bring power in showed signs of dekay, something that concerned not only the energy company, entergy, but officials at the superdome. money was paid for repairs and those repairs were made but the system still failed. after the dome went dark during the super bowl it's now fresh meat for the late-night comics. >> the lights went out in the third quarter. it was weird. normally i don't experience a blackout till after the super bowl party. >> you see what happens when beyonce actually sings live? that's what happens. >> someone clapped twice and everything went dark. >> reporter: 34 minutes of near darkness unfolded on 73,000 fans in the stands, a tv audience of 108 million and a camera crew from 60 minutes sports that happened to be in the nerve center, the control room. >> we lost lights. >> reporter: so what did happen? >> it's still a mystery. we're going to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: doug thornton manages the superdome and says there are two power feeders from the substation that go into the building and the main feeder went out, bringing down the ligh
. being in that room with him yesterday, you could just feel all his energy and enthusiasm. so i'm guessing he's probably got his own timetable, savannah. >> that, he does. jim miklaszewski, thank you. dr. andrew lee led the group of surgeons and dr. jaimie shores. already using his hands to text. we saw him scratch his nose. is this a lot of progress for somebody who is only six weeks out of surgery? how do you expect him to develop over these next years to get back the use of these hands? >> brendan has done extremely well since the surgery and we're very happy with his progress. the progress eventually will take time, as you already mentioned. we expect that he will first regain elbow motion in his transplanted right arm and then wrist and eventually fingers. feelings will also gradually come back, which is the important part, with the arm function. everything, again, can easily take two to three years. >> this is a 13-hour surgery as we mentioned. 16 surgeons. it's incredibly complicated. they had to connect plates and screws, muscles and tendons, veins and arteries, nerves a
and there was a lot of energy around that. [ inaudible ] resort over the summer. and that's when it became clear to us that if we were willing to put the right amount of work into it, we would really be able to make this happen. >> stephanie: zach walls, as a former youtube sensation yourself, this is why, i think in some ways your testimony before the iowa state legislature caused such a sensation is because you put such a human face on it. you talk so lovingly about your two moms and how you are a normal family like everybody else -- >> i don't know if i would say we were normal. that might be stretching it a little bit. but we are absolutely a loving and committed family no doubt about it. >> stephanie: i think that's why we have made so many strides and i think that's why we're moving to quickly on these subjects don't you? >> yes. >> stephanie: i think americans have a basic sense of fairness. >> absolutely. it's why we founded this country, no taxation without representation. it wasn't fair. so here we are today over 200 years later, continuing to perfect the union
with older buildings can borrow, interest-free, to make these homes energy efficient. that's going to save a lot of pollution. it is going to stop a lot of pollution. i think we can actually do something here. now, we have a lot of tremendous amount of opposition. >> stephanie: yeah. and it is so surprising from the house republicans. senator, i could talk to you all morning. you have to tell me quickly about the line act before you go. there may be nothing else more important than the long lines that voters faced in november. just tell us about the line act. >> absolutely. well, what's happened in this last election is we saw horrible waits all over the country in virginia some areas four plus hours to vote. in florida, seven hours in some areas. as a matter of fact, some voters didn't vote until 1:30 a.m. on wednesday. 200,000 voters in florida actually gave up. and that was a study done by ohio state. so if it had been a close race, you know it could have made the difference. so what i did is with a really good staff i have here, really looked -- i said look, i don't want to do somethin
energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go! i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪ ♪ all i want to do is have -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ i got a feeling, i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ all i want to do is -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ until the sun comes up over santa monica boulevard. >> stephanie: [ inaudible ]. on the tv. twenty six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. >> starring john mccain as the cranky old man. >> stephanie: he is very troubled by the latest nomination. >> why do i get the vision of too close for comfort. when you say hagel on the hill. >> stephanie: wednesdays at 8:00 [ bell chimes ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: can my life get any better. i guess i'm featured almost every week on hannity, and then i get
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